Thursday, December 31, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #8

1: My mother ___________ for my birthday.

gave me a book
gave to me a book
gave a book me
me gave a book

2: The man ______ came yesterday is very rich.


3. John is good at football but Richard is ___________ .


4. John ________ since he left school.

was working
has been working
will be working

5. Susan will come to tea if you ________ her.

will ask

6. I'm not as smart as you. You are ________ I am.

smart than
smarter as
more smart than
smarter than

7. When I was a child I ___________ a lot of sweets.

use eat
used to eat
am used to eat

8. "_________ Romeo and Juliet?" "Yes, I saw it on Wednesday."

Did you seen
Have you seen
Will you see
Do you see

9. "Did I arrive for the meeting late?" "______________ . It started twenty mintues ago."

Yes, you did
No, you didn't
Yes, you have
No, you won't

10. "Did you buy anything at the garage sale?" "_____________ . Everything was too expensive."

Yes, I haven't
No, you aren't
Yes, I did
No, I didn't

Monday, December 28, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #9

1: What kind of music ___________?

is she composing
she's composing
she composes
does she composes

2: _____________ to the movies?

You like to
Do like you to go
Do you going
Do you like to go

3. She ________ swim very well. She _______ a good swimmer.

isn't ... doesn't
doesn't ... is
not ... isn't
doesn't ... isn't

4. _________ write to ________ cousin in New York every week.

We're ... our
She ... her
I ... my
They ... They're

5. _______ play tennis very often. _________ very busy.

We don't ... We don't be
She doesn't ... She
We don't ... We're
We ... We'll

6. ______________ whenever he can.

He's exercises
He's exercise
He exercises
Does he exercise

7. _________ calls _________ every Sunday afternoon.

They ... me
Her ... she
She ... her
We ... her

8. "Did you do well on the test?" "________________."

Yes, I did. I wasn't prepared
Yes, I did. I was prepared
No, I wasn't. I prepared
No, I didn't. I was prepared

9. "____________________?" " Yes, he did. He was angry."

Does he shout at his neighbors
Was he shout at his neighbors
Did he shout at his neighbors
Did he shouted at his neighbors

10. "Were you scared during the movie?" "______________________."

No, I wasn't. I covered my eyes.
No, I didn't. I didn't cover my eyes.
Yes, I was. I covered my eyes.
Yes, I did. I was cover my eyes.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #10

1: Can you come to _____________ this Saturday night?

mine party
our party
ours party
we's party

2: Bruce is probably _____________ football this afternoon.

go to practice
going to practice
go to practicing
going practice

3. She doesn't drive ___________. She isn't a _________ driver.

careful ... carefully
carefully ... careless
carefully ... careful
careful ... carelessly

4. Tim ______________________ every day.

is washing his car
washes his car
is wash his car
washing is his car

5. Jim and Patty ____________ now. _______________.

aren't swimming ... They're reading
no swim now ... They read
isn't swim now ... They're read
aren't swiming now ... They're reading

6. Her friends gave her flowers, but ______________ a watch.

she was wanted
she was want
she wanted
she is wanted

7. Every Sunday afternoon, they ______________________ .

going to the park
are go to the park
go to the park
are the park

8. "_________ do you and Larry go camping?" " About twice a year."

How often

9. "_______ your sister ______________?" " Yes, but only once or twice a week"

Does .... liking to watch TV
Is ... like watch TV
Do .... like to watching TV
Does ... like to watch TV

10. "When _____________________ to work? " "At 10 o'clock."

are you having
does you have go
do you have to go
do you has to go