Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exchanges Six, Page One: Simple Past Tense

A: Did you go to park?
B: Yes, we did.
A: What did you do there?
B: We played baseball.
A: Did you win the game?
B: No, we didn’t. But we had fun.

A: What did you do yesterday?
B: We went to the parade.
A: Did you see the dancers?
B: Yes, there were many dancers.
A: Did you listen to music?
B: Yes, we listened to fine music.

A: Did you lose your keys?
B: Yes, I did.
A: Were they on the table?
B: Yes, they were.
A: Are these your keys?
B: Yes, they are. Thank you.

A: Why did you do that?
B: What?
A: You hit my car.
B: No, I didn’t.
A: Yes, you did.
B: I didn’t hit your car.

A: Who did?
B: I don’t know who hit your car.
A: I didn’t hit my own car.
B: Maybe somebody else hit it.
A: It wasn’t you?
B: It wasn’t me.

A: You weren’t careful.
B: I wasn’t?
A: I saw you.
B: You didn’t see me.
A: Yes, I did. When you backed up.
B: What did I do?

A: You hit my car.
B: When I backed up?
A: Yes.
B: Let me see it. Oh, it’s a small dent.
A: You dented my fender.
B: Okay, but I didn’t dent it much.

A: Did you hear about the fire?
B: I didn’t read the paper.
A: There was a fire yesterday.
B: Did anybody get hurt?
A: No, fortunately.
B: Where was the fire?

A: It was at 789 Bryant Street.
B: Did the firemen come quickly?
A: They came very quickly.
B: Did they rescue the people?
A: They rescued everybody.
B: I didn’t know about it.

A: Jane didn’t clean her room.
B: She didn’t?
A: No. She didn’t do the dishes.
B: No?
A: No. She didn’t wash her clothes.
B: She was probably tired.

A: The teacher didn’t talk today.
B: He didn’t? Why?
A: He lost his voice.
B: He lost his voice?
A: He sang too much last night.
B: I hope he feels better soon.

A: The bus didn’t come today.
B: It didn’t?
A: No. It broke down at 9th Street.
B: Why did it break down?
A: I don’t know why.
B: It came on time yesterday.

A: I didn’t buy the book.
B: Why not?
A: I didn’t have the money.
B: Did you find the bookstore?
A: Yes, I found it on the first floor.
B: Did you ask for a used book?

A: I didn’t ask for one.
B: They have used books.
A: Okay.
B: Alex didn’t buy a book, either.
A: I didn’t see Alex at the bookstore.
B: Maria bought one.

A: The teacher taught us the verbs.
B: What verbs?
A: He taught the past tense.
B: Did he teach the present tense?
A: Yes, he did.
B: I missed class yesterday.

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