Sunday, July 31, 2011

English as a Second Language Videos

Pamona Playing With Tadpoles, Picasso, 1954

"It's and Its" Jennifer ESL
"In and On" Two Prepositions of Time, Jennifer ESL 
"Past Tense Verb 'Be' Questions/Answers"
"Past Tense, Contrast "Be" and "Do"
Simple Past Tense 1 Jennifer ESL
Simple Past Tense 2, Jennifer ESL 
Simple Past Tense 3, Jennifer ESL 
Simple Past Tense 4, Jennifer ESL 
"I would like to buy a hamburger" Steve Martin

Videos from Real English
"Were You Good At School?" from Real English
"Talking About Your Friend" from Real English
"Adjectives" from Real English
"Nationalities" from Real English
Real English 6 - Introductions
Real English 7, "What's Your Astrological Sign?"
Real ESL English 8, How to order coffee.
Real English 9, "Could you tell me the time?"
Real English 10. This is the Jones family.
Real English 11, "Are you married?"
Real English 12, "Let's talk about the weather."
Real English 13, People Outside.
Real English 15, "What can you do?"


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